Thu, May 06, 2021

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The Parish of Our Lady of Lourdes and St Bernadette

Parish Priest: Rev John McInnes BD

323 Main Street Larbert FK5 4EU

Tel: 01324 553250        Mobile: 07550011795   



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Parish Safeguarding Coordinator : Paul McLaren  07770381272

The St Vincent De Paul Society emergency contact number is 07568354828

Our Lady of Lourdes and St Bernadette’s is a parish of the

Roman Catholic Archdiocese of St Andrews and Edinburgh, a charity registered in Scotland  number SC008540






Saturday 1st May  

 9.30am  Mass [ SI ]

1pm McGuinness family baptism

6.30pm Mass [ SI ] 

Confessions 10-10.15am & 6-6.15pm 


Sunday 2nd   5th Sunday of Easter 

9.30am Mass [ Charles Ambrose ]

11.00am Mass [ Parish ] 


Tuesday 4th    

7.30pm Mass [ SI ]


Wednesday 5th   

9.30am Mass [ SI ]


Thursday 6th   

9.30am Mass [ Raymond Steel ]   


Friday 7th   

9.30am Mass [ Patrick Docherty ]


Saturday 8th 

9.30am  Mass [ SI ]

6.30pm Mass [ SI ] 

Confessions 10-10.15am & 6-6.15pm 


Sunday 9th   6th Sunday of Easter 

9.30am Mass [ SI ]

11.00am Mass [ Parish ]

Offertory last week – £559.87

Special -  Ecclesiastical Students - £181.82     

Thank you for your generosity


In keeping with hygiene guidelines concerning the risk of aerial spread of Covid19 the public recitation of the Rosary will be suspended until further notice.



All Masses continue to be livestreamed (we start broadcasting just prior to start of Holy Mass) –using the following link -

Gift Aid - If you are a Tax payer, please consider giving through the Gift Aid scheme as the Parish will receive an extra 25p for every £1 you donate with no additional cost to yourself.  Please contact us using the Parish email address for further info and registration form.

Sacramental Preparations - If your child does not attend St Bernadette’s school and you wish them to receive Sacraments this year then please speak to Fr John as soon as possible.  

Foodbank – The Falkirk Foodbank is still operating and in need of additional donations.  Please deposit any items in the box on way into Church and we will ensure it reaches them every couple of weeks. Thanks

Children’s Liturgy – We are looking to restart the monthly Children’s Liturgy Mass during May.  We ask that families are prioritised for this mass please so that as many children as possible can attend.  Proposed dates are: 23rd May, 20th June, 22nd August, 19th September, 24th October, 21st November and 19th December (Nativity) 

School 200 Club – latest draws – 4 monthly draws recently to catch-up following COVID restrictions:

January 2021                                      February 2021
£100 - 17 Veronica Cully                      £100 – 140 Maureen Moore
£50 -  24 Veronica Coyle                      £50 – 24 Veronica Coyle
£50 -  215 George Risk                                    £50 – 227 Phil Trevis
£25 - 35 Robert Bissett                         £25 – 170 Gemma Scott
£25 - 200 Debbie Blair                         £25 – 200 Debbie Blair

March 2021                                         April 2021       
£100 - 56 Michelle Weston                   £100 – 33 Debbie O’Donnell    
£50 -   119 Marion Scott                                   £50 – 151 Katy Macaulay 
£50 -   12 Stewart O’Donnell                £50 – 60 Katrina Mackenzie
£25 -  136 Bernadette Ewings              £25 – 153 Roddy O’Connor
£25 -   223 Anne Walker                                  £25 – 191 Lyndsay Dennis

Thanks again to all the members for continuing to support the 200 Club.  Anyone wishing to join the 200 club please contact Jacqui Butterly or Jennifer Walker for details.

New Dawn In Scotland Virtual Conference

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New Dawn In Scotland's

11th Annual Conference - Online



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